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Glitter Velvet Waistcoat


This single breasted waistcoat has glitter velvet fronts & is fully lined & backed with satin.

There is a full collar in creased velvet.

The front has 2 tailored watch pockets with creased velvet welts.

The front fastens with ornate buttons.

At the back is a belt, which fastens with a metal slider, for adjustability.

*Please note there will be some shedding of the glitter with this fabric.

Glitter Velvet Waistcoat Black OGM013

glitvicblk rs

Chest 36 inches price £50.00

Chest 38 inches price £50.00

Chest 40 inches price £50.00

Chest 42 inches price £50.00

Chest 44 inches price £50.00

Chest 46 inches price £50.00

Chest 48 inches price £50.00

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