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Coats & Jackets

Below are some examples of custom coat orders.

Most of them are one-offs using limited edition materials.

The designs can be ordered but the materials pictured may no longer be available.

Prices start at £150.

(Please email with any enquiries.)

Click & order page coming soon.

18th C Frock Coat Blue Captains coat capts coat blue Peacock coat ed coatpurp edward coat red broc frockcoatbv milcoatblf

18thC Frock Coat OGM020

Captain's Coat OGM021w

Captain's Coat OGM021v

Peacock Coat OGM022

Edward Coat OGM023v

Edward Coat OGM023b

Pirate Frock Coat OGM024

Military Frock Coat OGM025